The Day After

Well for anyone who is curious on how Gaige did post-surgery….

March 6th, the morning after Gaige’s surgery, Adam checked on Gaige through his monitor. Our sweet little q-tip was a q-tip no longer.  He had managed to get his head bandages off during the night. After unanimously rolling our eyes, Adam went to make a bottle, and I sauntered off to brush my teeth and begin my morning routine.

I popped back into the nursery as Gaige was just finishing up his bottle. Adam set him on the ground by me while he went to get his medicine, and I started pulling out some clothes and a diaper. The second my butt hit the ground, Gaige came crawling at me full-speed and proceeded to start head-butting me and trying to wrestle. With energy that was shooting through the roof, it was a bit of a challenge to get him changed!

I’m not quite sure what our doctor did, but that child has had twice the energy, and twice the orneriness, all week! Adam keeps joking that it’s like he’s being doing cocaine all night in his crib. That little stinker is everywhere and is into everything. You would never even know he had surgery. In some ways I’m very grateful for the burst in energy. After all, we will have to be going through this again, and it makes me feel a lot better that he doesn’t seem to be suffering at all.

We have the activation for his right cochlear implant today. It will be a very exhausting week for us, and full of emotional moments. Besides all of the cochlear and doctor appointments, my little boy will be turning 1 on Friday, and my oldest will be turning 12 on Sunday!  I wonder if there’s anything else we can pack into this week, since it’s clearly not full enough?

I have included a photo of Gaige that was taken about an hour after he woke up, the day after surgery. In the meantime, somebody keeps trying to invade the dog kennel and I need to get ready to leave for the doctor’s office, so I have to be going.


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