Surgery Day!

We did it. We finally made it to, and through, Gaige’s surgery…well 50% anyway.

I was a wreck the night before! I was flitting all around the house, determined that I was forgetting something. Gaige’s diaper bag was overflowing, but I needed to make sure that my baby had everything he needed and then some.

Adam finally convinced me to come lay down, but I knew sleep wasn’t going to come for a while. I flicked on some TV to pass the time (side note: true crime is not what you should be watching when you need to go to sleep). Poor kid wasn’t going to be able to have any formula after 1am, so I got up with him about 12:30 to make sure he was able to have one last bottle.  Finally, I was able to crash after that!

Arriving at the hospital put some electricity into the air. His temperature was good, his vitals were good, he was completely healthy, and we were finally going to have this surgery! We’d been waiting and waiting and riding an emotional roller coaster for months while we waited for this day, and it was finally here!

We weren’t sure what to expect from Mr. Gaige, since he hadn’t been able to eat for several hours, and he usually acts like he’s being exorcised when he’s hungry. He was a total rock star, though! I think the new environment with everything going on, completely distracted him. He was happy and flirting with all of the nurses.

When it was finally time for him to go back, a couple nurses showed up in their scrub caps. Gaige thought those caps were absolutely hysterical. He laughed and laughed and laughed. Adam and I watched from the end of the hallway while they carried him back. It was so hard keeping it together, but Gaige had this ornery open-mouthed smile the entire walk back. He looked like he was going on a grand adventure. I am so grateful to God for giving me a brave little boy, because if he had been crying or scared, I would have freaking lost it. Finally, the nurses reached the end of the hallway, and as they opened the door, all we heard is a chorus of “awwwws” coming from inside. My son, the flirt, at it again. I’m going to be in trouble someday.

As we waited in Gaige’s hospital room, I could tell that Adam was the one having a hard time now. He needed to be up and pacing and doing something at every moment, so that he could hold it together. It was hard, but just the fact that we had made it, and there were no more delays, had taken a huge weight off of my chest.

The staff were awesome. We were given updates way more frequently than I thought we would. Before we knew it, we were given an update that Gaige’s right ear was done, and everything had gone very well, and they were about to start the left ear.

Not too long after that, however, our surgeon came into the room. My mommy spidy-senses were ringing off the charts. His ear should not be done this soon. Apparently when they had opened the left ear, they found an ear infection and could not risk continuing the surgery on that side. Tubes were put in, and he would be prescribed antibiotics, but we would have to reschedule the left ear.

I can honestly say that I am shocked that I wasn’t more upset; I was the emotionally fragile one in our family, but I was just so thankful that we had at least gotten one ear done and could at least start with that one.

Before long, they had brought Gaige back to his room. He was the cutest little q-tip you’ve ever seen, with his little bandage turban. Not that I want my son having surgeries, but it was kind of nice while he was loopy and not feeling so well. He actually cuddled with me. Cuddled. He NEVER cuddles. After a few minutes he seemed ready to eat. We weren’t sure how much he would want to take down, so we made him a half of a bottle. Gone instantly, and angry that there wasn’t more. The nurse was surprised that he was ready to eat that much so soon and had to go double check that we were ok to make him more. Gaige took a short nap while Adam put together another half bottle. A few minutes later he was awake and took his second bottle and was very angry that there wasn’t more.

He started to wake up more and more. He was a bit fussy, but he wasn’t screaming or anything, and definitely didn’t look like he was in any pain. They finally discharged us, and we got to take little man home.

He was pretty out of it the rest of the day. Not in pain, not super upset, just a little tired and loopy and fussy. He was asleep when his brothers got home from school, and Kason was very anxious for him to wake up so that he could check on his little brother, and make sure he was ok. When Gaige finally woke up and was ready to come back out, Kason was ready and waiting to see him. I wasn’t sure if Kason would have a hard time seeing Gaige with bandages wrapped all around his head, but I could see him take a mental sigh of relief after he saw him. My sweet boy just needed to see his little brother.

We put Gaige to bed that night, feeling emotionally drained. It was a day of mixed feelings, and we were ready to get some rest.

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