The Day After

Well for anyone who is curious on how Gaige did post-surgery…. March 6th, the morning after Gaige’s surgery, Adam checked on Gaige through his monitor. Our sweet little q-tip was a q-tip no longer.  He had managed to get his head bandages off during the night. After unanimously rolling our eyes, Adam went to make... Continue Reading →

Surgery Day!

We did it. We finally made it to, and through, Gaige’s surgery…well 50% anyway. I was a wreck the night before! I was flitting all around the house, determined that I was forgetting something. Gaige’s diaper bag was overflowing, but I needed to make sure that my baby had everything he needed and then some.... Continue Reading →

The Start of the Journey

I wish I would have started this blog the day Gaige was diagnosed with hearing loss.  What a crazy journey to document.  I hear other parents talk about back when their child(ren) were diagnosed, and the emotional and financial struggle it was and is.  I don't very often get to hear current accounts of what... Continue Reading →


Utterly heart-sick. There’s not a better description for it.  After months of anticipation, doctor’s visits, and an emotional roller coaster, we were less than two weeks away from cochlear implant surgery…and then we weren’t.  There was nothing we could do to prevent Gaige from getting RSV, and nothing we could do about his surgery getting... Continue Reading →

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